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Wednesday, 6 January 2010


We have had a ton of Snow here in Hampshire, UK.

I took the Dogs out at about 10pm last night to have som Snow time. Lets just say they were 2 very hypo Jack russells..... :)

This is Diesels 'Please can i go in the Snow' Face.

We ventured out...

Sorry for the Blurryness, but Diesel was going crazy and i was taking pictures one handed :)

LOL crazy Diesel he looks funny :)

My Handsome Boy!

Vinny was so crazy in the Snow i didnt get many photos, he was running about like a loony, i had to keep him on his lead to stop him running away!

They got all warm and cozy when we got in. Its so picturesque its lovely, Shame i had to trudge to walk in 1ft of snow, it was up to my knees!!! LOL

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  1. they are so cute playing in the snow...miley likes to play "snowdozer" in the snow. she always has a snow tipped nose. oh, how i wish they could play together...i know they would have so much fun...and miley paces back and forth when she gets a new bone too...she has to find the perfect place to chew on it. stay warm!!