Its a dogs life ...

Quite possibly the naughtiest Dogs in the world...

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

All the best for 2010.

Diesel - Vincent - Geo & Mike x

Cold *sniff* achooo

Well i have a full blown cold, lovely!

The boys were keeping me company, by constantly throwing their new toys on my lap to play, jumping all over me to get cozy, and generally just being hypo playing with each other.



'Mmmm all cozy on mums blanket'

when all else fails, lets jump on mums lap and try to lick the lens of the camera!

Naughty poopey's! :)

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Went out last night for a friends birthday for Mexican food; at Chiquitos. I was as sick as a dog afterwards.... Chimichangas are clearly not for me.

I loved the Decor in the restaurant, it felt really authentic, lots of cute little lizards and turtles everywhere, and of course Pinatas!

This Gecko (more like a monitor lizard) was here to greet us. How cool ! :)

The food looked lovely when it come out, the middle pic was my starter - was literally the size of a large pizza!!! - We got complimentary Nachos too which were nice, but tasted slightly like popadoms... My dinner was alright, but i was really ill after eating it, bit strange im putting it down to them being deep fried... *yuk*

The best bits of the night

Once i got home, and was feeling bit ill, my boys were waiting in bed for me....

Monday, 28 December 2009

Its a dogs life .... at xmas!

My first post...

Hmm what to write.

Just had xmas , going back to work tomorrow *sigh* i have a cold and feel like crap so not where i want to be tomorrow.

Belated xmas post, here are some pics of the boys on xmas day -

That Vinny and Billy (Vinnys Brother) He got present too. :) - a dog stocking with squeaky bone, tennis ball, and some chews.

Ill be back soon with some more doggy antics..