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Quite possibly the naughtiest Dogs in the world...

Monday, 11 January 2010

Just for the Cute factor ..

When they were Puppies... *Awww*


Hiding behind Dads Foot... (he was So tiny... bless him!)

Awwww I love him!!! ♥

This is called... 'Im going to have a crazy 5 mins and make mum wonder what she got her self into'


Naughty Puppy... :)

Vinnys first night home... saying hello to His dad for the first time.. Awww

Vinny play fighting with his dad...

I love them Soooooo much!!! ♥O♥

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  1. awe, and i didn't think they could get any cuter!!! i love the one of him with his daddy.