Its a dogs life ...

Quite possibly the naughtiest Dogs in the world...

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Just checking in....

We have been rather pre-occupied with work and things lately, getting back into 'Work' Mode.

Dogs have been there usual naughty selves... lol

Monday, 11 January 2010

Just for the Cute factor ..

When they were Puppies... *Awww*


Hiding behind Dads Foot... (he was So tiny... bless him!)

Awwww I love him!!! ♥

This is called... 'Im going to have a crazy 5 mins and make mum wonder what she got her self into'


Naughty Puppy... :)

Vinnys first night home... saying hello to His dad for the first time.. Awww

Vinny play fighting with his dad...

I love them Soooooo much!!! ♥O♥

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


We have had a ton of Snow here in Hampshire, UK.

I took the Dogs out at about 10pm last night to have som Snow time. Lets just say they were 2 very hypo Jack russells..... :)

This is Diesels 'Please can i go in the Snow' Face.

We ventured out...

Sorry for the Blurryness, but Diesel was going crazy and i was taking pictures one handed :)

LOL crazy Diesel he looks funny :)

My Handsome Boy!

Vinny was so crazy in the Snow i didnt get many photos, he was running about like a loony, i had to keep him on his lead to stop him running away!

They got all warm and cozy when we got in. Its so picturesque its lovely, Shame i had to trudge to walk in 1ft of snow, it was up to my knees!!! LOL

Monday, 4 January 2010

Do you want a bone????

We do peerrllleeeeaase mum!!!!

Im gonna jump mum....

Diesel 'mid' flight

Vinny trying to hide his bone, he was wandering around everywhere trying to hide it from Diesel.... Bless em'

Peace at last!

(Gave me time to do some cleaning... :-D)

Friday, 1 January 2010

Its a dogs life ... Relaxing

Diesel lieing Legs a kimbo chillaxing on the arm chair! :)

Vinny looking rather like a meerkat, but very cute! :)

And we saw Billy today (Diesels son, and Vinnys bro) - He was chilling with his Bone.