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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Went out last night for a friends birthday for Mexican food; at Chiquitos. I was as sick as a dog afterwards.... Chimichangas are clearly not for me.

I loved the Decor in the restaurant, it felt really authentic, lots of cute little lizards and turtles everywhere, and of course Pinatas!

This Gecko (more like a monitor lizard) was here to greet us. How cool ! :)

The food looked lovely when it come out, the middle pic was my starter - was literally the size of a large pizza!!! - We got complimentary Nachos too which were nice, but tasted slightly like popadoms... My dinner was alright, but i was really ill after eating it, bit strange im putting it down to them being deep fried... *yuk*

The best bits of the night

Once i got home, and was feeling bit ill, my boys were waiting in bed for me....

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